Quinta-feira, 4 de Janeiro de 2007

About wolves...

At last here I am.

The time had come for me to truly experience the great wild that all the others had told me about.

Now I’m strong and swift legged, alert and brimming with the deep forces of youth. My gray-white hairs on my back are bristling with the excitement and my green eyes shine bright upon the sun.

I stand beside my life partner, and we take in our surroundings, smelling the sweet fresh earth and watching every leaf as it quivered in the warm summer breeze, before we bound forth into the deep embrace of the forests.

This is our world now and together we'll find our place in it, living a new life in the wild, raising a truly free family. This was the destiny of our kind, of the wolves we were from ancient times, born to break away free into all nature's wonderful splendour designed just for us.

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De Mafarrica a 4 de Janeiro de 2007 às 13:36
When she looked in his eyes, to her surprise
All she could see was his love
And so she answered his query
With her heart, her soul and her mind
Together give voice, and hope to rejoice
The wolves who are two of one kind.



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